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You will get 5 hours of Terraform Training on AWS

November 01, 2020

New Course I started on Upwork, this is one-one baby steps for best practices using Terraform.

You will get 5 hours of Terraform Training on AWS, you will learn how to deploy IaC including Network stack, Data stack, and App Stack. You will use Terraform Cloud for IaC pipeline with Slack notifications.

Project steps

  1. Terraform Basics
    • What you need to know to get started.
  2. Terraform Cloud Setup
    • SaaS free Pipeline for Terraform from HashiCorp
  3. Network Stack
    • VPC Best practices
  4. Data Stack
    • RDS Best Practices.
  5. App Stack
    • ECS Microservice App on AWS Fargate.

👋 Salam people, I’m Mohammed Yahya [Almusaddar][محمد يحيى المصدر], from Gaza, Palestine. I’m working on Developing Cloud Solutions and Automation Projects using Pulumi, Terraform, Vault, Ansible and other Open Source tools.