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January 01, 2017

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In this post I will list the tools that I used to build this Blog, please notice that this stack is based on free services offered by different technologies, except for the domain.

Here is the stack I used to manage this blog:

  • Namecheap - Domain registrar
  • Github - Static pages hosting
  • cloudflare - DNS hosting / SSL
  • mailchimp - Mail Campaign
  • MailGun - Mail Forwarder
  • Disqus - Manage Comments
  • Google analytics - Web analytics
  • Zoho - Mail hosting
  • - web editor
  • Office Suite - Google Apps
  • Backup - Dropbox
  • Project management - Trello
  • Communication - Slack/Skype
  • Google ads - small revenue from the blog

If you have any suggestion, please share using the comments below.

👋 Salam people, I’m Mohammed Yahya [Almusaddar][محمد يحيى المصدر], from Gaza, Palestine. I’m working on Developing Cloud Solutions and Automation Projects using Pulumi, Terraform, Vault, Ansible and other Open Source tools.