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Must Have Open Source Security Tools for Windows and Linux

April 03, 2017

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In this post I will talk about Open Source Security Tools for improving Windows and Linux security here are the key points I will talk about:

  • Elastic Stack for Logs Management
  • OSSEC for HIDS
  • SecurityOnion for NIDS
  • Icinga2/Grafana for Metrics/Monitoring/Alerting
  • Kali for Nmap/WireShark
    • Vulnerability Analysis Stack
    • Configuration Analysis Stack

Watch the demo on youtube (Arabic)

Must Have Open Source Security Tools

Check the Presentation on SlideShare


👋 Salam people, I’m Mohammed Yahya [Almusaddar][محمد يحيى المصدر], from Gaza, Palestine. I’m working on Developing Cloud Solutions and Automation Projects using Pulumi, Terraform, Vault, Ansible and other Open Source tools.