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Salam World

March 03, 2015

Salam World, this is my first blog post, I’m testing the new blog ecosystem that is based on static file serving, I will stick with this theme for a while, may be for this year at least. I will add new plugins and customize this website to suites my need.

I will create a webpage that describe the technology stack used to build this website, so any one can follow these steps to create a nice blog with minimal but excellent technologies and mostly free , that allow you on writing with hacking in mind.

function helloWorld() {
  console.log("Salam World!")

👋 Salam people, I’m Mohammed Yahya [Almusaddar][محمد يحيى المصدر], from Gaza, Palestine. I’m working on Developing Cloud Solutions and Automation Projects using Pulumi, Terraform, Vault, Ansible and other Open Source tools.